• Top quality production
  • Modern design
  • Complete range
  • Excellent value in relation
    to their quality
  • ISO 9001:2015
    standards certification

Our wide product range consists of colour sprays, technical sprays,
brushes, rollers, paint accessories, abrasives, tapes, silicones and sealants

MORRIS Painting Sprays

Decorative Sprays

High Quality colour sprays give you the best result
for every demanding use. From lacquers to embellish
and repair all kinds of objects to several metallic, chrome
and fluorescent lacquers for applying all kinds of highlights.
Our best-selling series is ready to win over your customers!

MORRIS Paint brushes and rollers

Brushes & Rollers

Brushes and rollers not only for the professionals!
The carefully selected variety of filaments and handles makes
our product range suitable for all kinds of painting jobs.
Best quality and unsurpassed Durability.
Fine finish on all surfaces.

MORRIS Technical Sprays

Technical Sprays

MORRIS offers you a great range of sprays that work
as problem solvers. From maintenance products and cleaners
to tools for dismantling and assembly.
High Quality sprays from the biggest producer in Europe,
for a thousand uses, for every professional or DIY use.



High Standards Tapes for several applications like
painting jobs, bundling, packaging, insulation and marking.
They are designed for superior performance
and serves the unique needs of our market.



Professional abrasive rolls and pads,
made from the best materials providing solutions
for industrial manufacturing and maintenance,
automotive repair, construction; as well as the DIY market.


Silicones & Sealants

Professional Sanitary Silicones, Acrylic Sealants
and Polyester Fillers suitable for industrial, constructional,
automotive and marine applications.
They offer outstanding durability, weather resistance and adhesion,
delivering excellent results that professionals and the DIY trust.


EVO multi spray

Your everyday multi spray that makes your life easier!
Stops squeaks, cleans and protect, loosens rusted parts,
frees blocked mechanisms, removes moisture,
with with extra long nozzle

MORRIS Accessories


A series of products that complements painting tools.
Select the right accessory necessary to make the process
faster and more efficient to accomplish the perfect paint job.